Walnut Walk: Convenient, Spacious and Beautiful!


Walnut Walk Now open in Kennet Square

Walnut Walk in Kennett Square, Pa., is a beautiful town home community that features a first-floor master suite, one- to two-car garages, in addition to open floor plans and high ceilings. One of the best features of these homes, which will begin deliveries in early 2016, is the proximity to downtown Kennett Square.

For parents of teenagers, Unionville High School is the place to be, as the school is ranked eighth in Pennsylvania. This school is only a five-minute drive from the Walnut Walk homes, making getting the kids off to school an easy task. For younger children, there are a few elementary schools to choose from as well. These include Unionville Elementary School and Bancroft Elementary.

Kennett Square has many options for restaurants and shopping, including art galleries, studios, bakeries and much more. Sophisticated and savvy shoppers can pop into Ashley Austin or State & Union to find the newest style, or visit Torelli’s Custom Shop for made-to-measure clothing and tailoring. There are also many gift stores and specialty shops, as well as places to browse for collectibles and home décor.

Longwood Gardens, the top activity in TripAdvisor for Kennett Square, is also a short distance from Walnut Walk. These Gardens include beautiful flowers to meander through, as well as performances and special seasonal exhibits throughout the year. Pennsylvania’s very own Flickerwood Wine Tasting Room and Paradcox Vineyard are mere minutes from Walnut Walk, always a delight to visit.

Avid golfers will love the Walnut Walk, as it is just down the street from the Kennett Country Club, which boasts an 18-hole golf course with pine-tree-lined fairways, as well as a restaurant and even swimming, available. The Anson B. Nixon Park is a must-visit, with 106 acres of historic woodlands complete with two ponds, meandering streams, walking trails and a beech grove with 250-year-old specimens.

Walnut Walk is superb for the young family or the empty nester. Contact Bentley Homes for more information on your new home today!

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Vandenberg Apartment Complex Receives Conditional Use Approval in Upper Merion

man_imgNew Apartments Coming Soon to King of Prussia!

On September 17th, the Upper Merion Board of Supervisors granted conditional use approval to allow a 311 unit multi-family residential development in their new King of Prussia mixed use district. Bentley Homes has teamed up with Cornerstone Communities to redevelop the site located at 751 Vandenberg Boulevard.

The complex will feature one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as a large green courtyard with swiming pool and outdoor “living spaces”.

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Vote Bentley Homes Best Builder 2015


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Winter Weather has Begun. Tips to Help you to Maintain this Year’s Snow!


It’s that time of year where the weather has turned colder and snow will begin to fall at your new home in Delaware County, Pa. As the weather forecasters are predicting an above average amount of snow this winter, planning for the onslaught is an excellent idea.

There are many ways of removing snow from your Main Line Home and property. They include snow removal equipment, such as a Caterpillar, truck and/or ATV plow and snow blower/thrower, as well as of course, your everyday snow shovel. When choosing which method you will use to clear your snow this year, whether you are a new home owner or a seasoned veteran, it is important to look at what you need cleared (driveway, walkway, etc.) and how quickly it needs to be cleared.

Whether you choose a Cat, plow or snow thrower, the following tips apply:

  • Mark the edges of your driveway with reflectors. This allows you to outline what needs to be cleared, and is especially helpful if you hire someone to clear your driveway. Ensure you mark any dips or ditches in your driveway as well.
  • After the first snowfall, drive your vehicle around to compact the snow. You will need a good base for plowing, and it will allow you to clear your driveway without throwing up any rocks if you are using a snowblower.
  • Rock salt and sandbags are a necessity in the winter. You should have some kept in your home, as well as in your truck or vehicle. Sandbags make an excellent counterweight, giving your vehicle more traction in the snow, and when opened can be used for traction if you get stuck.

Most important, no matter the weather we’re expecting in Delaware County this season, stay safe and be careful when venturing outside!

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Fall Has Arrived!


Fall has arrived at your home in Chester County; the trees have turned into a riot of color, and there is a definite nip in the air. The fireplace beckons, as does a mug of hot cocoa and a good book. Autumn is a great time of year to express warmth indoors; here are a few tips from Bentley Homes to make your new home in Delaware County, Pa., comfy and cozy.

  1. Seasonal changes

Now is the perfect time to swap out your summer colors and exchange them for warmer tones. Use chocolate-colored throw pillows for your couch, and throw a soft, crème blanket over your reading chair to cuddle in. Other ways to bring warmer colors to your home are rugs, which you can combine color with function—nothing is better than digging your toes in a soft rug!

It is also time to switch your summer, light bedding for warmer winter comforters; the fall shades can be used here as well, to make your room look even more inviting. A cinnamon-colored quilt or throw is ideal for the end of your bed.

  1. Outdoors in

What better way to spend a fall afternoon than picking fiery red leaves and pinecones for your table? Bring the outdoors in by drying out your leaves, and finishing them with a sealer from your local craft store. You can also add a pop of color to your autumn bouquet by adding a peacock feather.

It may be fall, but fresh flowers are still available. Choose cheery sunflowers, bright gardenias and other seasonal blooms for your vases. Tie bouquets with an orange or red ribbon, to highlight shades of the flowers or your room.

  1. Seasonal warmth to table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, meaning there is a cornucopia of ideas for your dinner table. Other than flowers, you can use multicolored gourds, corn and even fresh wheat for your centrepiece. Show off the bounty of your home in Delaware County with the local harvest.

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Maintaining Your Lawn and Garden This Fall

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 3.12.47 PM

Is fall in the air at your home in Chester County? If so, it might be time to start thinking about preparing your lawn and garden for the colder months. By ensuring your home is ready for winter, you will save time and money in the spring, as you will have less work to do – and less plants to purchase.

When preparing your lawn and garden for the coming months at your new home in Delaware County, it’s best to start at six weeks before the first hard freeze. A hard freeze is generally explained as temperatures falling into the upper 20s or lower for at least two to three hours.

Feed and weed
Did you know that there are specific grasses you can plant for the colder season? These can include fescue and rye, which will grow even in the colder temperatures. Planting these before the hard frost will give them enough time at your home in Delaware County, Pa, to germinate and grow a good root system.

Now is also the time to fertilize turf grasses — these are essentially the grasses that grow in your lawn. You should use a slow-release, all-natural fertilizer for your new Main Line Homes lawn – if given enough nutrients, these grasses will actually store carbohydrates during the winter months, giving you a nicer-looking lawn in the spring.

You can also use a selective herbicide, which will kill weeds – and only weeds – in our lawn. This should be applied either in late winter or early spring. Be sure to use a “selective” herbicide on at your home in new home in Delaware County, otherwise, your entire lawn could be killed off.

Clean and fill
Fall weekends in Delaware County, Pa, are the perfect time to work in the garden, including getting rid of brown and blackened foliage. You should also “fluff” your mulch with a steel rake, which allows the water to go deep into the subsoil.

Chester County Builder Bentley Homes hopes you and yours have an excellent fall. Be sure to enjoy the crisp nip in the air and the turning leaves!

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First Impressions: Improving Your Entry Way

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 4.38.49 PM

Whether you entertain often for family or friends or are looking at selling your home, the entry way to your house stands very well as a first impression. Is your front porch cluttered with shoes and toys? Is the paint feeling or the color scheme off? The following are some excellent ideas on improving the entry way for your Chester County home.

X Marks the Spot

Having easy to see and understand house numbers will do wonders for making your entry way warm and welcoming – nothing is more annoying than guessing if you have the correct house or not! The numbers on your house should reflect not only the house’s design, but yourself as well. If you love thecountry (even if you do not live there) you can procure a wood sign with your house number, as well as a small picture to reflect your hobbies – such as a dog, or even just a nice set of trees.

Personality that Pops

Boring, cream or white doors need not apply! Add some spice of color to your entry way with a colorful door that contrasts against your Delaware County home. You can use an opposing color (such as black to white, or red to purple) or a different shade of the color already used. (For example, if your exterior paint is light green, you can use a dark green – or even turquoise, a completely different color.

Make Way for the Magic!

Landscaping of your Main Line home is very important – but to appreciate your entry way, visitors must be able to see it! Cut back those overgrown bushes and evergreens, and ensure that a direct line of sight to the front door is available. Be sure to step back to enjoy the view yourself as well; if you’re having difficulty decided what to cut down or out, you can ask a friend for their opinion or even hire a landscaper.

Whatever you do to improve the entry way of your Main Line home, make sure it is something that you would love to walk up to every day.

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Summer Parties: Bringing the Outdoors In

photo 1Are you entertaining friends, family and/or colleagues this summer? Why not enjoy the warmer weather to the fullest, and draw the outdoors in? This can be done a variety of ways, from including fresh wildflowers in your table vases to using seashells as a centerpiece. Here are some great ideas on ensuring your next dinner party is a mini-vacation in itself!

Oceanside serenity

One of the more easier (and fun!) themes for a dinner party is the ocean. You can instil the soft shush of the sea by using a cooler palette, such as mint green, turquoise or light blue. For example, your tablecloth could be a light green color, with coral and sea glass as decorative pieces. If you happen to collect different types of sand, you can use that sand at the bottom of a glass for a candleholder; also, small glass rocks in water-like colors make an excellent base for floating candles. Although you could include any sort of items for your menu, to continue along with the theme you could go with tempera prawns as a starter, and perhaps a light salmon pasta for your main.

Picnic party

Everyone loves a picnic … and who says they have to be outdoors? You can easily bring that relaxed but fun-loving mode indoors using a red and white striped or checkered tablecloth, and wicker baskets for the centerpiece, which could include everything from shiny red apples to bottles of wine. Small tea lights in glass holders can create a simple, yet elegant way of lighting your table. A sample menu would include your favorite pasta or potato salad as a starter, and some home-made fried chicken as the main. These offerings are comfortable and delicious, and will be sure to please.

No matter what you choose for your dinner party this summer, enjoy the weather and be sure to take some time to relax!

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Right-Sizing Your Home – Smaller Can Be Better

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.56.08 AM

When it comes to homes, bigger isn’t always better. In some cases, the perfect size of home should fit like a comfortable pair of jeans – the right size, with everything in the right place, exactly the way you like it. Bentley Homes’ right-sized homes at Radnor Walk are becoming ever popular, which is why we are introducing right-sized homes at Ashwood Hall!

What is a right-sized home?

A right-sized home is one with a smaller footprint and more cozy floor plans. Some excellent examples are Bentley Homes’ Denbigh and Etage models at Radnor Walk, which are between 3,600 to 4,200 square feet. These homes include everything you could ever want in a home, without overdoing it. A right-sized home is what you need – no more, no less.

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.56.21 AM


Benefits of a right-sized home

There are many benefits to purchasing a home that is exactly suited for your needs; which includes of course, the price — one-acre lots at Ashwood Hall will start at $1.28-million. The most endearing factor to a right-sized home is the pure comfort it instills. Anyone who walks into a Bentley Homes’ project will notice the pure attention to detail throughout the entire home – a right-sized home will showcase those aspects even more, as the eye is drawn toward the finer things. Comfort is all about the feeling of stepping into your home, and the automatic sigh of relief as your feet sink into the plush carpet, and you take in all the comforts of home.

Relax and unwind in your new right-sized home, built professionally by Bentley Homes – one of the best builders in Chester County. Your perfect home can impress with its elegance, sophistication and comfort. In the case of your home sweet home, smaller can be just what you need.  

Contact Bentley Homes today for more information on your new right-sized home.

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40 Years of Professional Quality on the Main Line

At the age of 11, Bentley Homes’ Tom Bentley began his journey to becoming an expert craftsman in building homes, with an extravagant tree house at his childhood home. Forty years ago, he began his own construction company, Bentley Homes. Times have changed since then, but Tom is still dedicated to creating elegant, sophisticated homes in Delaware County, Pa.

If you are looking for a new Main Line home in Chester or Delaware county, Bentley Homes is definitely your best choice. Tom literally filled out his first building permit when he was 12 – that same tree house caused a neighbor to complain, and Tom had to cut his treehouse in half and build it out again to fit within the 25-foot perimeter.

Tom carries a unique passion for building grand, beautiful homes. There was no question what Tom wanted to be when he grew up – a builder. When he was young, he asked his mother to drive him to construction sites, just so he could watch the builders. This thirst for the very best is obvious through the homes that Tom helps build. Still involved in many of the designs for Bentley Homes, Tom loves the day when a new show home is introduced – “it’s like an art show,” he explains.

Cookie cutter homes and templates are not in Tom’s vocabulary. Each Bentley Home, priced from $300,000 to $3-million, can be custom made to each client. Although specializing in luxury, single-family homes, Bentley Homes has also created townhouse communities. He estimates that the houses he has built over the past 40 years have a total market value of $1-billion. 

Market share of 30 per cent in the Main Line aside, Bentley Homes’ quality of homes and design and dedication to perfection is only one of the many reasons why Bentley is the best choice. Their homes are not only beautiful, but created to be homes that you can live in as well.

The video and article below details more about how Tom Bentley began his journey. 


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