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Accessorizing your New Home!

Whether you are selling your home, holding an open house or just inviting friends over for a dinner party, it may be frustrating figuring out which accessories to display in your home. You do not want your home to look cluttered, but more that it looks lived in. Here are a few tips on showcasing the best of your home!


This kitchen/dining area is a perfect example of taking one piece of furniture – in this case, the pale blue table glass and base – and using it throughout the room. The vase and the plates on the table pick out this lovely blue color, which is repeated in the glass jar sitting on an adjacent table. If you’ve chosen a bold color to paint a room, don’t be afraid to highlight it in your accessories as well.

This kitchen looks professional, but lived in. There is a plate of fruit beside the oven, and a cookbook standing beside the stovetop. Your home should not look clinical; this provides a cold feeling.  Also, it should not be so busy that your eye bounces from one thing to the next. A happy medium is just right to provide warmth and beauty.


When placing objects on mantles or bureaus, try to steer away from having matching items on either side. The two picture frames and the wine set are a perfect complement to the colors of the flowers in the goblets. When placing items with height on a table, arrange them in grouped patterns with the tallest item going at the back, and the shortest in the front, set in a type of pyramid.

A bookshelf is a great way to display books; but that is not all you should display.  There is not enough blank space to draw the eye when books are arranged along shelves like a library or bookstore; in this case, the large ball and the teardrop vase break up the books and make the shelf more attractive.

Always remember that your home’s accessories are a reflection of your life and your experiences; something as common as rocks or seashells can be made interesting if they are placed in a bowl or a vase with sand.  For more pictures of Bentley Homes, visit us on Facebook!


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We’ve Been Framed!

Bentley Homes Invites you…
to a Framed Home Preview for Radnor Walk!


New! Must See!
June 25th
Noon – 2:30 PM
1430 County Line Road, Radnor Pa
Enjoy Lunch and Cash Prizes and be among the first to see our newest and most innovative home designs!
For more information contact Susan Palovitch at 484.459.5447 or visit us at

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Warmth from the inside, out!


Warmer weather is finally here with the arrival of spring; it is the perfect time to start thinking of outdoor entertaining and grilling season! Before you turn on the gas or light the charcoal for your next BBQ, here are some great ideas for additions to your patio. You can extend the beauty from the inside of your Bentley Home to your outside entertainment area!

Whether it’s the thrill of the hunt, or the enticement of finding a good deal, garage sales are a great way of finding new furniture or accent pieces for your patio. Found an old set of glass lanterns? Turn them into a work of art by adding glass stones at the bottom and a small tea light. You can also add a splash of color with bright placemats or colored glasses; keep an eye out for furniture that may look worn, but can easily be repainted for a fresh new look.

Adirondack chairs are now available in a wide rainbow of colors – from the simple wood or white colored, they now come in varying shades from purple to red. Use your imagination! Is your old patio chairs looking ratty and worn? There are no rules saying your table and chairs have to perfectly match—reflect your personality with chairs that are funky and interesting!

Bentley Homes specializes in keeping a natural look to their homes, by ensuring that trees and open spaces are kept as much as possible. You can stay within this theme for your patio by adding small shrubs and plants to your patio – anything can be used as a pot, from old barrels to metal containers.

Ensure your new home in Chester county is beautiful inside and out by putting as much thought into your outside decorating area as you do inside. Creativity is key to any decorating endeavor, and your outdoor patio is no different. Happy entertaining!

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