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Prepping Your Mainline Home for the Winter

So far, Winter has been off and on this season in our area; so just to make sure you are prepared, these steps will ensure your new home in Delaware County withstands the harsh bite of winter as much as possible.


Clean Your Chimney – Whether you use your wood-burning fireplace often or not at all, having a clean chimney is essential. Hiring a chimney sweep to clean your chimney from top to bottom will allow you to use your fireplace on those cold winter days without worrying about potential chimney fires. You should also ask the sweep to check for bird or animal nests in the chimney, and make sure the damper is working properly and capped with screening to keep out animals.

Ceiling Fan in Reverse – Hot air rises; but in the winter, we want that hot air to stay close to the ground, so that it keeps your Mainline home nice and cozy. Many ceiling fans have a reverse direction, which will drive that warm air down to the floor.

Clean the Gutters – Once all the leaves have fallen around your home in Chester County, it is always a good idea to clean the gutters before the winter rains or snow starts. Clear all of the debris and leaves from the gutters, and give them a good rinse with the hose. You can also take this chance to inspect the gutters to make sure they are in good condition

Inspect the Furnace – Losing your heat in the dead of winter is something you definitely do not want happening at your Mainline home, so inspecting your furnace before the cold arrives is a superb idea. Call in your local HVAC inspector, who will tell you if you’re furnace is running optimally or if it needs to be replaced.

Turn off outside water – Turning off your outside taps and taking off any attached hoses is essential during the winter, as temperatures as high as 32 F can freeze your faucets. You should also coil up your hoses and put them away; if they have any water in them at all during the winter, they can freeze and break.

From all of us here at Bentley Homes, we wish you a very happy and healthy new year! 


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Decorating your Main Line home for the Holiday Season

December has arrived; how do you decorate your new Delaware County home without spending a fortune; or looking like the tackiest home on the block? Here are some great and simple tips to ringing in the festive season this Holiday in your new Main Line home!


1. Simple = sophisticated. When choosing your decorations, have a specific palette in mind. Go with the classic red and green, or white and blue; you can even combine three colors, like gold, black and green. Purchasing decorations in colors that complement each other will give your home a more pulled together, sophisticated look.

2. Start a tradition. Traditions don’t need to be expensive! You can create your own decorations like popcorn strings, or paper mache balls using old wrapping paper. Other ideas are: making a homemade wreath – all you have to do is purchase a plain, green wreath, and decorate it with pine cones, paper snowflakes, whatever suits your fancy.

3. Make it bright. White lights are the essential choice for any holiday, as they match any décor. And they don’t just belong on the tree – you can put lights on your railing, and if you’re feeling adventurous, a small strand on your dining table adds to the perfect centerpiece.

4. Holiday collecting is classy! Add on to a family’s collection of different decorations, or start a new one.

5. Winter by candlelight. Nothing makes a room seem warmer and cozier than some strategically placed candles. Even if your room does not include a fireplace, the warmth of candlelight around the room can provide that same warm feeling. Don’t forget, scent is an excellent way to bring in the Holiday spirit; you can add cinnamon, pine or even sugar cookie candles; it’s all up to you!

Bentley Homes wishes you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

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