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Summer Parties: Bringing the Outdoors In

photo 1Are you entertaining friends, family and/or colleagues this summer? Why not enjoy the warmer weather to the fullest, and draw the outdoors in? This can be done a variety of ways, from including fresh wildflowers in your table vases to using seashells as a centerpiece. Here are some great ideas on ensuring your next dinner party is a mini-vacation in itself!

Oceanside serenity

One of the more easier (and fun!) themes for a dinner party is the ocean. You can instil the soft shush of the sea by using a cooler palette, such as mint green, turquoise or light blue. For example, your tablecloth could be a light green color, with coral and sea glass as decorative pieces. If you happen to collect different types of sand, you can use that sand at the bottom of a glass for a candleholder; also, small glass rocks in water-like colors make an excellent base for floating candles. Although you could include any sort of items for your menu, to continue along with the theme you could go with tempera prawns as a starter, and perhaps a light salmon pasta for your main.

Picnic party

Everyone loves a picnic … and who says they have to be outdoors? You can easily bring that relaxed but fun-loving mode indoors using a red and white striped or checkered tablecloth, and wicker baskets for the centerpiece, which could include everything from shiny red apples to bottles of wine. Small tea lights in glass holders can create a simple, yet elegant way of lighting your table. A sample menu would include your favorite pasta or potato salad as a starter, and some home-made fried chicken as the main. These offerings are comfortable and delicious, and will be sure to please.

No matter what you choose for your dinner party this summer, enjoy the weather and be sure to take some time to relax!


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Right-Sizing Your Home – Smaller Can Be Better

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.56.08 AM

When it comes to homes, bigger isn’t always better. In some cases, the perfect size of home should fit like a comfortable pair of jeans – the right size, with everything in the right place, exactly the way you like it. Bentley Homes’ right-sized homes at Radnor Walk are becoming ever popular, which is why we are introducing right-sized homes at Ashwood Hall!

What is a right-sized home?

A right-sized home is one with a smaller footprint and more cozy floor plans. Some excellent examples are Bentley Homes’ Denbigh and Etage models at Radnor Walk, which are between 3,600 to 4,200 square feet. These homes include everything you could ever want in a home, without overdoing it. A right-sized home is what you need – no more, no less.

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.56.21 AM


Benefits of a right-sized home

There are many benefits to purchasing a home that is exactly suited for your needs; which includes of course, the price — one-acre lots at Ashwood Hall will start at $1.28-million. The most endearing factor to a right-sized home is the pure comfort it instills. Anyone who walks into a Bentley Homes’ project will notice the pure attention to detail throughout the entire home – a right-sized home will showcase those aspects even more, as the eye is drawn toward the finer things. Comfort is all about the feeling of stepping into your home, and the automatic sigh of relief as your feet sink into the plush carpet, and you take in all the comforts of home.

Relax and unwind in your new right-sized home, built professionally by Bentley Homes – one of the best builders in Chester County. Your perfect home can impress with its elegance, sophistication and comfort. In the case of your home sweet home, smaller can be just what you need.  

Contact Bentley Homes today for more information on your new right-sized home.

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