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First Impressions: Improving Your Entry Way

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Whether you entertain often for family or friends or are looking at selling your home, the entry way to your house stands very well as a first impression. Is your front porch cluttered with shoes and toys? Is the paint feeling or the color scheme off? The following are some excellent ideas on improving the entry way for your Chester County home.

X Marks the Spot

Having easy to see and understand house numbers will do wonders for making your entry way warm and welcoming – nothing is more annoying than guessing if you have the correct house or not! The numbers on your house should reflect not only the house’s design, but yourself as well. If you love thecountry (even if you do not live there) you can procure a wood sign with your house number, as well as a small picture to reflect your hobbies – such as a dog, or even just a nice set of trees.

Personality that Pops

Boring, cream or white doors need not apply! Add some spice of color to your entry way with a colorful door that contrasts against your Delaware County home. You can use an opposing color (such as black to white, or red to purple) or a different shade of the color already used. (For example, if your exterior paint is light green, you can use a dark green – or even turquoise, a completely different color.

Make Way for the Magic!

Landscaping of your Main Line home is very important – but to appreciate your entry way, visitors must be able to see it! Cut back those overgrown bushes and evergreens, and ensure that a direct line of sight to the front door is available. Be sure to step back to enjoy the view yourself as well; if you’re having difficulty decided what to cut down or out, you can ask a friend for their opinion or even hire a landscaper.

Whatever you do to improve the entry way of your Main Line home, make sure it is something that you would love to walk up to every day.


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