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Maintaining Your Lawn and Garden This Fall

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Is fall in the air at your home in Chester County? If so, it might be time to start thinking about preparing your lawn and garden for the colder months. By ensuring your home is ready for winter, you will save time and money in the spring, as you will have less work to do – and less plants to purchase.

When preparing your lawn and garden for the coming months at your new home in Delaware County, it’s best to start at six weeks before the first hard freeze. A hard freeze is generally explained as temperatures falling into the upper 20s or lower for at least two to three hours.

Feed and weed
Did you know that there are specific grasses you can plant for the colder season? These can include fescue and rye, which will grow even in the colder temperatures. Planting these before the hard frost will give them enough time at your home in Delaware County, Pa, to germinate and grow a good root system.

Now is also the time to fertilize turf grasses — these are essentially the grasses that grow in your lawn. You should use a slow-release, all-natural fertilizer for your new Main Line Homes lawn – if given enough nutrients, these grasses will actually store carbohydrates during the winter months, giving you a nicer-looking lawn in the spring.

You can also use a selective herbicide, which will kill weeds – and only weeds – in our lawn. This should be applied either in late winter or early spring. Be sure to use a “selective” herbicide on at your home in new home in Delaware County, otherwise, your entire lawn could be killed off.

Clean and fill
Fall weekends in Delaware County, Pa, are the perfect time to work in the garden, including getting rid of brown and blackened foliage. You should also “fluff” your mulch with a steel rake, which allows the water to go deep into the subsoil.

Chester County Builder Bentley Homes hopes you and yours have an excellent fall. Be sure to enjoy the crisp nip in the air and the turning leaves!


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