Fresh Designs for Your Home in 2016


Modern Decorating Shown in a Bentley Model Home

Although we are a few weeks into January, it’s never too late to refresh your home. All of the decorations have been stored away, and we have all rested from the holiday — it is the perfect time to start revitalizing your home’s decorations. We here at Bentley Homes, builders of new luxury homes in Chester County, use professional decorators for our show homes; however, you can still have that beautiful pulled together look with just a few simple accessory changes.

The first step is to move all of the accessories out of the room; from artwork to knick-knacks and even window dressing, this will give you a fresh palette to start with. One of the easiest ways to refresh your rooms is to reframe your photos or artwork; you can choose a vintage, white washed style for a more nouveau look, or reclaimed barn wood to add some country.

When it comes to luxury homes in Delaware County, the trends are to make walls almost disappear into the background; using lighter colors, these walls make the decorations and accessories in your home the star of the room.

You can spruce up your bedroom by adding colorful pillows with fun textures; or add an area rug to change the color scheme. Keep in mind that although you might have a new luxury home in Chester county, that doesn’t mean all of your accessories need to be new as well; look in closets or moving boxes for vintage finds to add to the décor in your home.

For the great room/family room, you don’t have to change out the artwork – just change where it hangs, and/or add a light. This is where LED lights come in handy; that cool light can be just the thing to highlight a piece of artwork, plus their fairly easy to install.

Bentley Homes, purveyors of new luxury homes in Chester and Delaware Counties, wishes you and yours a happy new year!


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