Q & A

Tom Bentley, CEO, Bentley Homes shares his more than 40 years of homebuilding expertise with strategic tips for weathering all financial climates with homes that best serve the buyers of the time.

Q: What do you think is the biggest concern of today’s homebuyer?

A: They are afraid of making a bad deal and losing money.

Q: How do you address this consumer issue?

A: Today’s primary amenity is price. What matters most is how much the homebuyer thinks the house is worth. We have looked at every community we are building in and priced them to make sales happen (and take away from the fear factor).  And we are achieving our goals.

 Q: How does today’s builder determine how to price a home?

A: One of our many jobs is to know what is selling across the street and within a two mile and five mile range from where we are building. The current market value is the perfect barometer for gauging our pricing structure. We price our houses to assure we have sales absorption.

Q: Once you determine the price for the market and homebuyer, how do you build while maintaining brand equity?

A: We need to make it obvious we are giving our customers a great deal for their investment. Bentley Homes builds the same high-end houses for which we are known in smaller and more efficient products with an open floor plan. Every community we design offers the best house at an attractive price.

 Q: How do you finance your builds?

A: We have some traditional bank financing but on some of our newer communities we often serve as our own bank, financing our own projects and allowing us to keep building.

Q: What is your current motto?

A: Build out of the recession as activity begets activity. The key in today’s economy is to remain under construction. The activity builds consumer confidence.

Q: Is your strategy working?

A:  Yes. We are selling in all Bentley Homes communities and continuing to build custom and spec homes


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